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Snapchat is definitely the largest image messaging app in the world. While rich in features, there are some things about the app that many of the users wish that weren’t there. The main feature being that the app notifies the sender when you take a screenshot of the their pictures, definitely works against you in many cases.

This is where Casper comes to the rescue. The app is almost like a dream come true for many Snapchat users out there. Ever wished for an invisibility cloak? Well, that doesn’t exist as we know, but the least we can do is  kind of an invisibility cloak for Snapchat, and Casper definitely serves that purpose.

Casper APK Download for Android

App Name: Casper

File Type: APK

File Size: 18.7 MB

APK Version: V1.5.6.5


Download APK from Here

Casper android app is an alternative client for Snapchat. Casper is developed by New Zealand based programmer Liam Cottle, who has also developed successful apps like SaveMySnaps and StorySave. The primary feature that makes Casper app android a legitimate competitor in the game is the fact that it allows you to save images, texts and videos from other users without them being notified about it. You can forward them as well, which sometimes might not be the wise thing to do. The main problem with Snapchat of notifying its users when you take a screenshot of their images gets resolved with the help of APK.

Casper app APK is also rich when it comes to filters, stickers and much more. Casper is definitely a good Snapchat alternative. The app’s useful features definitely gives it merit. You should definitely give Casper’s latest version a try, as it is free of cost. Casper runs on every android device from Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

But the issue is any version, let alone the latest version of Casper io APK is not available on the Google Play Store. So you will have to resort to a third party source for the same purpose. From here on we will go through quick guide on how you can get the Casper free download done of your android device. So let’s go through some quick and simple steps.

How To Download Casper App APK Latest Version?

  • Firstly ensure that third party app installation is enabled on your device by looking into the setting. If it isn’t then enable it.
  • Now, as we mentioned Casper download APK can’t be done from the Google Play Store as the app isn’t available there, therefore you will have to go to third party source like APKMirror. You can also consult a third party app store for the same purpose.
  • In APKMirror or any other updated and legitimate third party source or third party app store, you will find the latest version of Casper, which is Casper Download the APK.
  • Install the APK, in the process agree to any terms and conditions if you come across any. Casper is now ready to use on your android device.

In Casper, the only inconvenience you will come across is its identification process. The app requires both your Snapchat and Google login for you to access it. It is recommended by the developers to login with an alternative Google account, not your primary one.

It is to be kept in mind that when you’re using an app like Casper you may be violating the terms and conditions of the official Snapchat app. Casper APK is not affiliated with Snapchat.

This website isn’t officially associated with the Casper app, we don’t hold a copyright or liabilities of the app.


Casper is here to stay. It serves as a great Snapchat alternative, in many departments the app is inferior to Snapchat. However, the fact that through you can save stuff without the sender getting notified about serves as a key feature that makes the app extremely useful for many Snapchat users out. There are more added filters and stickers on the latest version of Casper, plus there are no negative changes brought into the app as compared to the previous version. So, if you download Casper then lean towards downloading the latest version as it has the benefits without the cons.

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